Hello, thank you for visiting my website! :) I am a journalist  and  photographer with more than 20 years of practice. I have a Master in Communication and Languages ​​(UTP) and i am also specialist in Visual Communication (PUCPR) and Literature (UFSC).

As a journalist, I worked as a free-lancer and as a communications coordinator of a federal bereau. I also taught classes in technical and higher education, to presencial and e-learning in various institutions (UnC, Uninter, Unibrasil, IFPR, FAPI, Interad and Genius) in numerous disciplines in Journalism, Design and Advertising and Propaganda.  I also have experience with Architecture, Artistic Education, Pedagogy, Marketing and RP disciplines, for more than 17 years. I was elected Journalism coordinator at Universidade do Contestado with more than 90% votes from students and staff.


As a professional photographer,  I have advanced studies on technique, philosophy of photography,  I work for more than 13 years with the concept of organic photography, where the spontaneity and the good use of photographic technique - without the aid of large artificial light devices and other artifices - do not require the excessive use of editing / manipulation of images.


I have  socio-environmental projects called Short Invetary of the Lack of Good Sense and Viageiras.  if you or someone you know that do a great social work and need some photography/journalistc coverage  I am a volunteer. You can send me a message.  Oh, do you need to see my Lattes? Here! You also have  in this pagem a serie of links to know a little more about my work. Thank you! It's only click that you're redirected!

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A nudez para a
Fotografia Orgânica 
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